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This time in your life may seem complicated, and no matter how hard you try, it might feel like you just can't get it right. You can't seem to hear your own voice through the noise. You may wind up feeling alone, disconnected and discouraged. The good news is that we can work together, facing your fears, quieting the noise and working through the emotional distress. I'd like to work with you on bettering your relationships and having deeper connections with people you care about. We can look at thoughts and beliefs that might hinder your progression towards better relationships, health and happiness. Let's work towards self-awareness, and gain insight into your life and choices. We can discuss positive ways to cope with and handle emotions, and ways to better manage your life. I want to understand you as a whole person, to help you to be able to navigate this world as your real self. We will work together to support your return to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, and nurture growth and healing. One of my favorite sayings is - Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Let's travel down this road together, and work towards you becoming your true self, becoming whole and authentic and fulfilled. It is my hope that you are ready for this journey to begin!

I know that, at times, you may feel misunderstood and not 'heard' by those around you. You may have low self-esteem, and this can leave you feeling unworthy of having a happy, fulfilling life. You may have experienced traumatic events in your life that have caused you to feel confused and stuck. You might be experiencing things such as depression, anxiety, issues with drugs and alcohol, poor social skills, difficulties with relationships, and hardships at school. These issues create difficulties in managing your life and can undermine your well-being, which may result in a lack of motivation or tools to reach your full potential. I want to help! I will work together with you to address these issues and bring positive changes to your life. We will work to create self-awareness and use an approach that challenges any thoughts and beliefs that are creating negative consequences in your life. And, as one of my favorite sayings suggests - Don't be afraid of change because it is leading you to new beginnings! So, take the first step and meet with me. You deserve to feel happy and thrive! 

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